• Hospital Grade Pumps

We have several brands of Hospital Grade pumps available for rental periods. We supply pumps for Private Rental or as ordered by a Tricare Military Treatment Facility with a prescription of medical necessity. This is primarily for preterm infants in NICU unable to latch or mothers with difficulty lactating or breastfeeding. Your Primary Care Manager will determine if a hospital grade pump is needed. Please contact us if you have questions about documentation needed for Tricare coverage.

Hospital Grade Rental Breast Pumps

To give you the time needed to fill out all appropriate paperwork and answer any questions you may have, we ask that you reserve a time slot to pick up this type of pump. Please call our office to schedule your appointment time.

Due to the value and liability of this type of pump, we are required by the pump companies to have billing information and multiple points of contact on file. We do not own these pumps and it’s critical that they are to be returned to our office at the time the rental contract states. Ask us about how to obtain a personal use pump that you will keep.

To utilize our fillable form before your appointment, select either the TRICARE RENTAL or PRIVATE RENTAL form, fill out all required fields of information, print and bring it to your scheduled appointment or submit to our secure email address pumps@twlgmail.com before your appointment.

Tricare Rental

Download or print the TRICARE RENTAL CONTRACT and fill out every line. We will need your driver’s license, military ID, and a credit card to hold on file. Length of rental period is suggested by medical necessity but is ultimately Tricare’s determination of eligibility. *Other factors may affect an approximate duration.  Do not put this pump in storage or PCS with this pump.

Tricare coverage includes only the breast pump. The hospital has provided you with a kit that is needed to operate the pump. This includes the flanges, tubing and any connecting pieces. Please let us know if you are missing any of these pieces.

Typically the NICU would like you to use the milk storage containers they supply. However, if you would like Milk Storage Bags, request a prescription from your PCM. You are eligible for 100 bags every 30 days from the date of birth with a prescription.

Any Referrals, Scripts, or Additional info may be faxed directly from your Doctor to us at


PDF Reader required, download here

PDF Reader required, download here

Private Rental

Download or print the PRIVATE RENTAL CONTRACT and fill out every line. We will need your driver’s license and a credit card to hold on file. This rental period can be weekly or monthly. There is a $25 non refundable security deposit and purchase of a kit if needed.  If you already have a personal pump, you may have a compatible kit. Let us know before selecting your Hospital Grade.

Ardo Carum

Vacuum and cycles are individually adjustable at any time, both in stimulation and expressing-mode. Compatible with the Ameda Platinum Kit.

Spectra S3

Hospital grade suction combined with Natural Nursing Technology for optimal results & comfort. Our only rental with a Rechargeable battery.

Ameda Elite

Separate suction and cycle dials help you customize the settings that work best for you. Compatible with the Ameda Platinum Kit.

Medela Symphony

Designed to mimic a baby’s natural nursing rhythm, with one knob control and a let-down button for a stimulation phase.

Medela Classic

The original model of the Medela breast pumps, the Classic is ideal for very special circumstances.

Medela Lactina

Piston driven, offering variable speed and vacuum settings in a lightweight pump.

PJ’s Comfort

Mimics your baby’s nursing pattern through the natural rhythms of compression and vacuum with its unique ComforTouch silicone breast cups.